Parte 4 - Inglés

Responde a 20 preguntas que evalúan tu comprensión lectora y conocimiento en el uso de la gramática del idioma inglés.

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It's 2:10 is equivalent to:

My mon has a history book. The book is:

James in my brother. _________ 10 years old.

Identify the option that corresponds to the passive voice of the following sentence: He ate all the cookies

¿What time is 8:51?

Identify the option that do not correspond to the passive voice

Emma is my sister's first daughter. Emma is my ____________

Complete the following statement:

He is standing _________ his wife amd his son

Choose the option that best combine the following phrases:

1) speak spanish

2) Julia and Maria

3) in Mexico

4) because they live

These words are examples of subject pronouns:

Empire State is 443,2 meters high and Torre Eiffel is 335 meter. This means Torre Eiffel is _________ than Empire State.

Select the correct answer from the list and fill in the blank:

My uncle is ________, _______, and _______. He is not a good human.

Select the phrase that hep you identify opinion:

These words are axamples of object pronouns:

Select the correct answer from the list and fill in the blank:

These glasses are mine, not _____________

Read the article and answer:

What is the text about?

Read the article and answer:

Who heads the company?

Choose the true sentence:

What is the text about?

My father is __________ than my mother.

That movie was bad, but it wasn't _______________

I am bored, there isn't ______________ to do here.

I can't find my glasses __________.

He speaks slowly _________ clearly.

We _________ video games yesterday at 3 o'clock.

A. Two o'clock

A. His

A. He's

A. He eats a lot of cookies

A. Nine to eight

A. The speech is written for the president

A. Niece

A. Upstairs

A. 1, 4, 3, 2

A. I, you, they

A. Taller

A. Lazy - selfish - jealous

A. I wish to

A. Myself, yourself, himself

A. You

A. Tony Lewis

A. Tony Lewis

A. Annas has a sister

A. Studying english

A. Old

A. baddest

A. Anything

A. Somewhere

A. and

A. were playing

B. Two past ten

B. Hers

B. He have

B. He ate all of the cookies

B. Nine to nine

B. The house was built in 1968

B. Sister

B. Outside

B. 2, 1, 4, 3

B. My, your, her

B. Equal

B. Short - slim - tall

B. I want to

B. Her, me , him

B. Yours

B. California, US.

B. Tony Swan

B. Anna has a litlle brother

B. The company is stingy

B. Older

B. worsest

B. Everything

B. Nowhere

B. but

B. was playing

C. Ten past two

C. Theirs

C. He has

C. All of the cookies were eaten

C. Fifty one past eigth

C. My wallet has been stolen

C. Aunt

C. Indoors

C. 2, 4, 3, 1

C. Mine, yours, ours

C. Smaller

C. Rude - honest - mean

C. I would like to

C. Mine, yours, ours

C. They

C. A North American wine company.

C. Glen Lewis

C. Anna's mom has thrity-six years old

C. Training budget

C. the old

C. worse

C. Something

C. Everywhere

C. or

C. played

D. Fifteen to three

D. They

D. He're

D. He ears cookies of all

D. Ten to nine

D. He likes cookies

D. Nephew

D. Between

D. 3, 2, 4, 1

D. Me, you, him

D. Bigger

D. Friendly - honest - generous

D. From what i think

D. Elegant, fancy, kind

D. She's

D. North American Wine

D. Glen Greentree

D. Anna's dad has a short beard

D. How to improve you speaking

D. the oldest

D. the worst

D. Nothing

D. Anywhere

D. both

D. will play