Bless Test - Learn Portuguese

Basic Portuguese

Free basic Portuguese language test designed to start your journey. Easy interactive way to know writing reading and pronunciation.


Learn greetings and introductions of everyday situations on basic Brazilian Portuguese interactive test.


Phrases used in everyday life in restaurant. Learn how to ask for free table, make order, and pay for your delicious meal.

Shopping mal

In this test you will learn about clothes, how to buy sell and bargain price in Portuguese language.


Studying Portuguese phrases about school studying learning and teaching. It will help you understand and name your class activity.


Feelings and expressions are important part of the Brazilian culture, learn how to impress everyone.


English course for beginners about time, hours, dates, parts of year, time expressions, and all words about time.


Learn about home vocabulary, structure components and parts of house with this easy Portuguese course.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Learn Portuguese language about exercise, fitness, workout and physical activity in quickly and fun way.


Get to know about each kind of animal in a fun interactive way and learn the best Brazilian Portuguese.


Learn the school stuff, vocabulary, degree and much more on this Portuguese course while having fun.

Learn Portuguese in this easy interactive course. Learn about famous Brazilian places and how to express yourself in Portuguese.