Learn English Time

Learn English Time, find out how to talk about Time in English! On an interactive course with spelling.

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a second

a day

Twelve o'clock

Nine o'clock

It's twenty-eight minutes to two. / It's just turned half past one.

Twelve fifteen / Quarter past twelve

a minute

a week

One o'clock

Ten o'clock

It's two minutes to two. / It's nearly two o'clock.

Twelve thirty / Half past twelve

an hour

a month

Two o'clock

Eleven o'clock

It's one minute past four. / It's around four o'clock.

Twelve forty-five / Quarter to one

a year

Three o'clock


One fifty / Ten to two

12:00 - noon

a century

Four o'clock


a decade

Five o'clock

00:00 and 24:00 - midnight


a millennium

Six o'clock


Seven o'clock

Eight o'clock