Length measurement

Mathematics for students of the 3rd grade of primary school. The student learns the length measurement units (km, m, cm, mm). Interactive learning through play.

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Length is measured in meters.

The larger unit, kilometer , is used to measure long distances, which is equal to 1000 meters.

Centimeters (cm) and millimeters (mm) are used to measure shorter lengths.

Put yourself to the test

Put yourself to the test

Put yourself to the test

Put yourself to the test

Put yourself to the test

1m = 100cm

1 cm = 10 mm

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Question 5

Meter (m) is the main unit of length.

For example, road markings show distances in kilometers.

For example, height can be expressed in meters or in centimeters.

The AB segment is 4 cm and the CD segment is 15 mm shorter. How long is the CD segment? Enter your answer in the box below.

How long are the pen and eraser?

Which length is greater?

What is the length of 3 km? More than one answer may be correct.

Uncle Julian's field is as shown:

5 centimeters

30 cm

Distances on Google maps are also expressed in kilometers.

Oscar is 1.33 m high, or 133 cm.

The CD segment measures

The pen measures

50 millimeters

3000 mm

Uncle wants to fence the whole lot. How many meters of the fence does he have to put up?

Choose the correct answer.

For example, we measure the result of the high jump in meters. The world record in this discipline is 2.45 m.

neither of them, the lengths are the same

3000 m

150 m | 260 m | 300 m | 410 m



300,000 cm



Eraser measures